May Hikes

May Hikes As temperatures begin to raise for spring and early summer, lower elevation hikes remain a great option for staying active. As temperatures begin their gradual rise in preparation for the summer, the adventure of hikes doesn't have to wait until hot weather. In fact, May offers a unique opportunity for [...]

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September Hikes

September Hikes Fall is starting early this year and the leaves are already changing! As autumn leaves begin their transformation, there's no better time to explore the Adirondack Mountains than during the vibrant fall season. The crisp, cool air makes for perfect hiking conditions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the [...]

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Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding

Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding The Adirondack Region is an ideal winter destination for alpine skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts looking to challenge themselves on the slopes while surrounded by picture-perfect scenery. Home to some of the highest peaks in the northeast, the Adirondacks are ideal for downhill skiing and snowboarding adventures. A stunning [...]

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The World’s Most Beautiful Winter Wonderland

The World's Most Beautiful Winter Wonderland "This Upstate New York Village Was Just Named The World's Most Beautiful Winter Wonderland" —The Travel Lake Placid is one of the most established and enjoyable winter playgrounds in the United States, with a walkable downtown where you’re never far from nature. Home to two Winter Olympics games [...]

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Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake

A highlight of many family winter vacations, the Toboggan Chute in Lake Placid has been in operation since the 1960s. A 30-foot tall converted ski jump trestle sends toboggans down ice-covered chutes onto frozen Mirror Lake.

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