Willsboro Golf Course

The Willsboro Golf course is a 9-hole course located on Point Road in Willsboro. Famous for its challenging fairways, difficult greens, and beautiful, rural surrounding it offers gorgeous views of the Adirondacks. The course was rated by Adirondack Life as one of the best 9-hole courses in the Adirondack region. The course is generally open from early May to early October.

Constructed a century ago by Augustus G. Paine, the course remains family owned, though long open to the public. Operation of the course was recently turned over by the Paine family to the Town of Willsboro on a rent free basis as a means of ensuring the course’s long-term viability as a community asset.

The course is not a public park. Access is limited to golfers during the golfing season and is confined to the Club House area, fairways, greens, tees and trails comprising the course itself. Golfers are requested to respect the privacy of adjoining Paine family lands in the interior and on the periphery of the course.

Willsboro Golf Course, Willsboro
47 Country Club Way
Westport, NY 12993
Phone: (518) 962-4470